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Before and Afters

Dining room - Princeton, NJ

Problem – nothing went out - nothing was put away. Not able to have guests.


Solution - major decluttering, almost all was recycleable paper and magazines. Supplies went to a supply room.

What a nice room for a dinner party!

"Ellen has helped me simplify my home and my life so I can more easily face each challenge with optimism and enthusiasm." Joanne

Kitchen- Poughkeepsie, NY


Problem – chronically disorganized in addition to health issues. Nothing went out – nothing was put away. Overwhelming.

Solution - major decluttering. Recycled all paper and plastic. Important documents filed.


""Ellen has worked miracles in my home. I felt like I was drowning before and now I"m optimistic and excited each time Ellen comes to my home." Joan

Attic/Playroom Room - Poughkeepsie, NY


Problem – space needed to be defined: Separate TV watching and play areas


Solution - used the positionnig of furniture to define the space. TV vs. play.


"Ellen is a dynamo with endless energy and focus to each new task at hand" Linda

Bed Room - Poughkeepsie, NY

Problem – closet and dressers packed, spilling over on the floor.


Solution - decluttered all storage (i.e. closet and dressers) making room for clothes that fit well and were current. Out with the old, in with the new.


"I cannot believe how much Ellen can get done in a short amount of time. She got rid of the clutter that had overwhelmed and demoralized me. She is amazing. I feel so much better. My house looks so much better. I whole heartedly recommend Ellen and Simply Organized to solve your clutter problems." Joan K.

Craft / Sewing Room - Millbrook, NY

Problem – poor utilization of the space and too many unfinished projects equals "clutter".


Solution - Decluttered first. Recommended shelving and labeled containers.


"Thank you so much for a wonderful morning of organizing. I could never have done it without you (and would not be thanking you on these cute cards that had been buried for months.) Thanks so much again and we'll talk soon." Tiffany

Hall Closet - Poughkeepsie, NY


Problem – too much stuff in too little space. Shelf broken, closet rod broken.


Solution – declutter first. Donate unused jackets, toss broken umbrellas, etc. Order & install new shelf, repair closet rod. Keep only what is used frequently here.

Walk in Closet - Pleasant Valley, NY


Problem - inefficient use of space – standard builder closet rod with shelf above.


Solution - custom closet to maximize the use of space; double hang separates to double your capacity.


"Custom closets epitomize the maximum use of space, while giving you flexibility to adjust shelves and hanging bars." Jeff

Den - Poughkeepsie, NY

Problem – room not defined; therefore, it becomes a junk room.


Solution - define the space: Den with piano. Eliminate what doesn't belong.


"Thank you for giving me back a wonderful room in my house - my den.  I can now sit and read or play my piano."     Nancy

Basement Storage/Workspace - Rhinebeck, NY

Problem - dark and packed storage area; no proper shelving or bins.


Solution – recommended shelving units on casters to get everything off of basement floor to enable cleaning underneath. Use of proper bins with labels. Sorted like-items together to store in bins.


"My basement - what a disaster area!  I hope your business is keeping you busy for you certainly know how to tackle hugh messes and turn them into order.  I am so glad I found you when I did."     Brenda

Bedroom - Newport, RI

Problem – room was not defined and became a catch-all.


Solution – set it up as a guest room... enough said.

Kitchen - Newport, RI

Problem – space was not being used efficiently.


Solution - rearranged the layout. Moved a dishwasher – topped it with a microwave. Moved a rolling cart next to frig for additional counter space.

Living Room - Newport RI

Problem – odd shaped room - not well defined areas.


Solution – use furnishings to define separate areas in the room.  Couch acts as a divider.

Pub table works well against wall as extra seating (instead of in tiny kitchen).


”This entire transformation happened in 3 long
days. There is no way I could have done this. The arrangement of furniture in each room was brilliant”     Maura

Law Office - Beacon, NY

Problem – needed a place near copier to have current active files. Artwork in a closet.


Solution – Simple file holders mounted near copier and hung artwork.

Problem - storage room crammed with supplies and not accessible.


Solution - recommended and assembled shelving unit for easy acces to supplies.


"Many thanks for your consultation at my office. Your suggested revisions, especially moving the confereence table, has really made a difference. Several people including my very fussy and critical 22 years old daughter have made rave reviews as to the changes. I appreciate your time and I will most definitely be passing out your cards."     Karen
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